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NDBD is a family owned and operated business that prides itself on face to face customer service. With a combined 50 years experience dealing with all things dirt bike related. Founded in 1992 by Allan, on Munibung Rd Cardiff The Wreckery started as a small second hand parts dealership, predominantly buying old bikes and selling parts. As the business grew Allan started selling Aftermarket parts and including services such as tyre fittings, engine rebuilds and complete running bikes.

Allan grew up in Sydney with a passion for bikes. He first challenged the bush on a 1974 Honda CT 90, and soon after upgrading to a now classic 1978 YZ 80. After a few epic crashes, resulting in broken bones and a metal plate, Allan’s connection with the rapidly evolving industry was set in stone. After relocating to Newcastle in his early 20’s and starting his working life as a fabricator, He always found the weekends were spent with his family away riding. Sure enough, between welcoming children and sharing his passion for all things two wheel related, he moved into the premises at Cardiff and The Wreckery was born. With nothing short of sheer determination, blood, sweat and quite a few tears he managed to harness the growing 90’s economy and build his  business. By 2002 and ready to celebrate his 40th birthday. Now riding an XR 400, The Wreckery was busting into its teenage years, and about to undertake a major facelift. 

With a name change, new showroom and bigger footprint The Wreckery bloomed into Newcastle Dirt Bike Dismantlers. Bringing along with it the same experienced staff and family  Newcastle had come to know and expect when dealing with the local business. 


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By 2010 Allan's Son Hugh, the youngest of 6 children was just as thirsty for all things Motocross related. When not at school Hugh spent his weekends at Newcastle Dirt Bike Dismantlers earning his pocket money and pouring it into his beloved XR 250 desperately trying to keep up with Al’s DRZ 400. At the same time Hughs passion and knowledge for the NDBD business would grow. Leading him into a Management position, as Al stepped away slowly to continue his passion for restoring his beloved 70s classics at home and spending time with his 7 soon to be 8 grandchildren, Hugh took the reins of NDBD. By 2020, Hugh has continued to grow and develop the NDBD brand. Launching a new website and guiding a Facebook and radio marketing campaign. Hugh has continued to grow on the foundations set by Allan way back in 92. Still offering the same remarkable service, Second hand parts and huge range of aftermarket parts and accessories. NDBD can claim the title as  Newcastle's only Dirt Bike Dismantlers. So let Hugh and his dedicated team help you today with all your MX needs and wants. 


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